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Credit Monitoring

Comparable offers a free service which simplifies the process of shopping for a Credit Monitoring services. With almost daily news of data breaches and identity theft, there is no better way to protect yourself than to continuously monitor your credit report for items you don’t recognize. Comparable offers consumers options from some of the most reliable names in the Credit Monitoring industry.

Our website uses smart technology to quickly match your Credit Monitoring request with our network of providers across the country, saving you time, and starting you on the path to a more secure financial future.

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Why you should choose Comparable?

Comparable is on a mission to give consumers and more effective way to find great credit Monitoring, faster.


  • Quickly Matched to the Best Credit Monitoring Services
  • Highly Rated Providers Identified and Offered
  • Always Confidential, Safe, and Secure
  • Offered in all 50 States
  • U.S.-Based Support Staff


  • A Credit Monitoring Referral from Comparable is Free
  • Easy and Efficient Process
  • Intelligent Options and Great Choices
  • Helpful and Friendly Service
  • Offers Peace of Mind

What is Credit Monitoring and How Does it Work?

The mission of Credit Monitoring is to monitor your credit report to ensure that there are no errors and that there is no fraudulent activity taking place in your name.

Consumers are entitled to one free copy of their report each year from all three major credit bureaus, Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. For additional coverage, some consumers request their free reports on a staggered basis. That way, if a fraudulent item appears on one report, it may be on the others as well, and discovered sooner.

How much does Credit Monitoring cost?

Credit Monitoring on a daily on-going basis is available from a number of sources. Vairous “free” services have popped up but tend to come with requirements, like subjecting the consumer to advertising, so the providers can afford to offer the services for free. However, full 3-bureau monitoring, giving consumers immediate notice of changes to their credit report, typically costs $15-20 dollars per month.

Is Credit Monitoring Worth It?

Yes! The small cost associated with monitoring your credit, so you can fix problems before they become enshrined in your credit history is nothing in comparison to the cost of fixing problems or fraud later.

How to Find the Right Credit Monitoring?

Comparable offers the expertise to match you with the credit Monitoring companies, quickly and easily. Comparable works with leading credit Monitoring companies across the country to offer consumers efficiency and choice with a simple process. Best of all, there is NO COST for a Comparable referral.