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Credit Repair

Comparable offers a free service which simplifies the process of shopping for a Credit Repair services. If you are one of the almost 70 million Americans with a poor credit score (under 601), you may be a candidate for Credit Repair services. Comparable offers options from some of the most reliable names in the Credit Repair industry.

Our website uses smart technology to quickly match your Credit Repair request with our network of providers across the country, saving you time, and starting you on the path to a better credit report.

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Why you should choose Comparable?

Comparable is on a mission to give consumers and more effective way to find great credit repair, faster.


  • Quickly Matched to the Best Credit Repair Services
  • Highly Rated Providers Identified and Offered
  • Always Confidential, Safe, and Secure
  • Offered in all 50 States
  • U.S.-Based Support Staff


  • A Credit Repair Referral from Comparable is Free
  • Easy and Efficient Process
  • Intelligent Options and Great Choices
  • Helpful and Friendly Service
  • Offers Peace of Mind

What is Credit Repair and How Does it Work?

The mission of Credit Repair is to identify what negative items are on your credit report, keeping you credit score artificially low, and correcting the errors by utilizing the dispute procedure available through the credit bureaus.

This typically involves filing a formal dispute with one or all three credit bureaus, which includes detailed explanations of the error in and supporting documentation so that the credit bureau(s) can fix the error.

Credit Repair companies manage the dispute process on your behalf and charge a fee for their work. Since Credit Repair companies perform this task daily for many clients, they have a good understanding of what is required to obtain fast results.

The Credit Repair process should not be considered complete until one’s credit report is 100% accurate.

How long does it take?

The Credit Bureaus are required to respond to disputes within 30 days, which may be extended to 45 days under certain circumstances. The short timeline is important because fixing your credit can save you big dollars when you try to finance a car or a house.

How much does Credit Care cost?

Credit Repair costs are impacted by the state you live in and the complexity of the repair. The good news is that under the Credit Repair Organizations Act, credit repair services are prohibited from collecting advance payment fees for their services. So, you don’t pay until the work is completed. Once your credit report is repaired, if will be time to take steps to rebuild and enhance your credit score so you and obtain future credit for less.

How to Find the Right Credit Repair?

Comparable offers the expertise to match you with the credit repair companies, quickly and easily. Comparable works with leading credit repair companies across the country to offer consumers efficiency and choice with a simple process. Best of all, there is NO COST for a Comparable referral.