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Identity Theft Protection

Best Identity Theft Protection Services

Comparable offers a free service which simplifies the process of shopping for an ID Theft Protection service. Protect, Heal, and Reclaim your Financial Life with one of two top rated products:


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Credit File Activity

Online Loans

Unauthorized changes to USPS addresses

PLUS, through Norton Security, monitors:


Computer Viruses



Online Scams

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Identity Force

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Illegal Selling of your Personal Information

Unauthorized changes to USPS addresses

Dark Web

Pay Day Loans

Sex Offender Database


$1 million ID Theft Insurance

Fully Managed Identity Restoration

Credit Score Tracker

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With almost daily news of data breaches and identity theft, there is no better way to protect yourself than to continuously monitor your financial profile for unauthorized or fraudualent activity.

Comparable offers consumers options from some of the most reliable names in Identity Theft Prevention industry.

Why you should choose Comparable?

Comparable is on a mission to give consumers and more effective way to find great ID Theft Protection, faster. How does Comparable work?


  • Quickly Matched to the Best ID Theft Prevention Services
  • Highly Rated Providers Identified and Offered
  • Always Confidential, Safe, and Secure
  • Offered in all 50 States
  • U.S.-Based Support Staff


  • ID Theft Prevention Referral from Comparable is Free
  • Easy and Efficient Process
  • Intelligent Options and Great Choices
  • Helpful and Friendly Service
  • Offers Peace of Mind

What is ID Theft Protection and How Does it Work?

The mission of ID Theft Protection is to monitor your financial and personal profile to ensure that there is no fraudulent activity taking place in your name.

How much does ID Theft Protection cost?

ID Theft Protection on a 24 hour/day basis is available from a number of sources, typically for $8-$12 per month. Comparable has picked the companies above as their top 2 choices, and has an advertising relationship with the companies, however our choices are made with consumer value in mind.

Is ID Theft Protection Worth It?

Yes! The small cost associated with monitoring your Identity, preventing harm before it happens, is a small price to pay for fixing the damage after it happens on your own.

How to Find the Right ID Theft Protection Service?

Comparable offers the expertise to match you with ID Theft Services, quickly and easily. Comparable works with leading credit Monitoring companies across the country to offer consumers efficiency and choice with a simple process. Best of all, there is NO COST for a Comparable referral.

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